ConnectorTest International 4097A, 4087B, 4077A

Menu screens for the 4087B system are displayed below; with an explanation of each menu function.

Supervisor Main Menu Screen:

Supervisor Main Menu

The Supervisor Main menu (above) allows access to all features / settings and programming tasks of the test system. This menu can be password protected preventing unauthorized changes to connector / device programs and Supervisor menu settings.  Touch screen option and F2 key shortcuts allow fast, easy navigation throughout the software.

Pin Mapping Screen / Menu 2:

The Pin Mapping Menu is part one of a two-part process of generating / programming a part number to test.  In this screen, an operator enters row and column information about the test module / fixture used to test the interconnect device. Once this information is entered, the test system knows the identity of each pin and where each pin of the device is located in the test module.  

Program Test Values (Menu 3):

The Program Test Values menu is the second step in the process of generating a part number for the system's database, used for testing the part.  The operator clicks on 'create new part number to generate a new part number, otherwise, a new part number can be generated from an existing Map. Once the Map is called up from this menu, the operator gives the new program a part number name such as 'ARINC150' and proceeds to fill in the IR, DWV, Capacitance values to be tested on the connector / cable device.  Note that there are ten groups (A-J) for connectors with many different values of Capacitance, IR, etc.

Enter Part Number (Menu 1):

Once the Part Number has been generated by the two steps described above, it can then be entered in this menu by selecting the name from the drop down menu.  In the screen above, two 40 pin modules are selected and ready for test as represented by the yellowed box and respective part numbers shown.  In the bottom test bay, a 50 pin 'D' sub module is occupying two positions of the test bed.  Each position can be programmed for up to 40 pins.  In the example of the 50 pin 'D' sub shown in the middle of the bottom test bay, up to 80 pins / ways could be tested in that space.

Test Data Monitor (Menu 4):

Test Results are monitored in this screen as the part is tested.  In the example above, a 15 pin part is tested for Capacitance, IR, DWV with the fail-code status in the right column.   The example shows capacitance failures on all pins.

Single Pin Test (Menu 5):


The Single Pin Test allows an operator to interrogate specific pins or groups of pins within the device under test.  The connector / device shell can also be isolated from the device's pins to determine if a defect is pin to pin, or pin to shell.  Pin(s) can then be isolated from each other to further determine manufacturing defects.

Supervisor / Configure Test / Production Control (Menu 6):

All user-features / settings can be changed in this Supervisor menu.  Passwords can be changed.  Printing of various reports can be selected.  Serial number usage can be selected for each test, etc.  Past test data / results can be accessed by clicking on 'Review Past Tests' button.  By clicking on 'Archive and Purge All Records', all records are then purged / moved from the main database to an alternate storage 'archive' database.  The archive database can then be stored on CD-ROM or a network for instant reviewing and printing.  The 'Operator' version of this menu allows for limited controls and a few basic functions, preventing unauthorized modification to system test options.  Clicking on 'Review Past Tests' yields the following menu.

Review Past Tests - Accessible from Menu 6:

All past test results can be viewed and printed from this sub-menu screen under Menu 6.  Test records can be sorted on the screen by Record-ID, Date / Time, Operator, Product / Part Number, Lot Number by clicking on grey sorting bottons along header.  View detailed, pin-by-pin test results by clicking on binocular, or print by clinking printer icon.   Additionally, all tests performed are checked along with a pass / fail status.  Clicking on the binocular yields the following menu screen.

Data Review / Accessible from Menu 6:

Data Review Screen

Detailed Test results are shown in this sub-menu of Menu 6; The results are shown in yellow and the programmed limits are shown in green.  Results can be sorted using the grey buttons along the header.  Fail status of each pin is shown with codes in the right hand blue column.

Operator Main Menu (Menu 0):


The Operator menu has limited functions to perform testing and printing tasks only.  Mapping and Programming functions are not available to Operators, preventing unauthorized modification of stored programs used for testing connector / cable devices

NOTE:  A software development company in Arizona named 'Get Control' has been illegally distributing a pirated copy of ConnectorTest International's source code and software with their own company's electronic connector testing system.  The menu screens in the 'Get Control' electronic test system are nearly identical to the menus shown above, with no effort made to disguise the original appearance of ConnectorTest International's menus, code and intellectual property.  Don't be misled by this company's inferior product performance! The 'Get Control' Inc. testing system is approximately SEVEN (7x) times slower testing electrical connectors than the patented ConnectorTest International 4087B & 4097A test systems.   

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