ConnectorTest International 4097A, 4087B, 4077A

May 2021

The ConnectorTest International models 4097A, 4087B and 4077A are advanced electronic test systems developed specifically for automated testing of electrical connectors and cable harness assemblies.  The model 4087B and model 4097A systems feature a 320 point switching matrix and fully integrated, self-contained electronics...all plug-in replaceable. The 4097A system tests cable assemblies, harnesses and filtered connectors.  The model 4087B tests all types of filtered connectors and hermetic connectors. The model 4077A features an 8 point multiplerer for cluster testing hermetic connectors, relays and other devices.

The model 4087B and 4097A test systems are thorough, very accurate and FAST!  Each pin on the interconnect device is tested against all other pins tied to the connector shell automatically to ensure against pin-to-pin leakage and short circuits. The precision charging to and from programmed voltages is rapid and computer controlled, leaving zero charge on each pin, in comparison to the slow charge response time of other commercially available equipment used for testing connectors and cable assemblies.  No other commercially available test equipment / ATE will match the speed, thoroughness, efficiency, investment payback and ease-of-use of these advanced test systems from ConnectorTest International. The 4097A, 4087B and 4077A test systems typically produce four to seven times the production output of other commercially available production ATE systems available.  The systems will test up to 30 times faster on parts requiring capacitance testing only.

Model 4087B


If you manufacture and / or test electrical connectors, planar capacitor arrays / MOV's, Zener diode arrays, cable harnesses, connector subassemblies, rubber inserts or use these devices in your OEM product or purchase these components that connect to your product, you are in a position to supercharge your company's production capabilities and your profitability while shortening customer delivery schedules with the use of ConnectorTest International's advanced 4097A, 4087B and 4077A test systems. 

The 4097A / 4087B systems test: Insulation Resistance (IR), Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DWV / Hi-Pot), Capacitance, Dissipation Factor (DF), Contact Resistance, Zener Diode / MOV and Inductance in ONE fast test cycle at test voltages up to 2500 VDC and 2300 VAC.  No other commercially available ATE can perform all above tests in a single test cycle and at these high speeds.  The Model 4097A has the added capability of testing cable harnesses for all mentioned test parameters plus Continuity testing. Both systems will test final product & in-process subassemblies, planar capacitor arrays, zener diodes or MOV arrays in their test-bed during the same test cycle.  Test: ARINC 404's, ARINC 600's, MIL-C-24308, MIL-C-26482, MIL-C-38999, MIL-C-83513 types; Circulars, 'D' Subminiature, Micro 'D', Hermetics, Medical Connectors, Rack & Panel connectors and other custom and specialty connectors with these advanced test systems.

The 4087B and 4097A test systems' 'Single-Pin-Test' options include being able to automatically isolate the connector's shell to interrogate groups of failed pins to determine if they are shorted to one another or to the shell, and also being able to isolate failed pins / wires from each other to further determine manufacturing defects.  No other commercially available ATE can perform these types of comprehensive tests.

Additionally, all tests carry a Record-ID number, Device Part Number, Batch / Lot ID, Date / Time stamp and Operator ID, satisfying source inspection and ISO-9001 requirements, etc.  Test reports can be printed / reviewed / sorted by a number of criteria and are stored in the computer for future reference. Printed report options include a Summary report of the test and a detailed Pin Sheet with pin-by-pin details of all parameters tested.  Supervisors can password protect various menus / features preventing unauthorized changes to test parameters. Operators can have individual PIN codes and user names. 

The Model 4077A is a high-speed, low-cost IR, DWV (AC/DC) 'cluster tester' used to test hermetic connectors, relays and transformers.  The system features an eight-pin test-bed for testing clusters of non-adjacent pins.  The 4077A is very useful for testing hermetic connectors and other types of non-filtered connectors not requiring pin-to-pin-to-Ground testing.

Aside from all of the handy features, ConnectorTest's advanced test systems are exemplary in the interconnect manufacturing industry because of their exceptionally high speed, advanced testing method, high efficiency, ease-of-use, thorough traceable documentation and electronic storage of serialized test results. One test system will save your production / manufacturing operation enormous amounts of time and money monthly while greatly increasing production output without adding people!  Our customers tell us these test systems pay for themselves in just four to six months. 

ConnectorTest International also provides an electrical testing and test documentation service for testing interconnect devices.  This service will help shorten your company's customer back orders and lead time. See more details in 'About us' link.

Who uses ConnectorTest International Test Systems?  The advanced test systems are used by manufacturers and end-users worldwide to test electrical connectors and cables installed on everything from automotive engine management systems (ECU's) to implantable pacemakers / defibrillators, satellites and spacecraft, commercial and military aircraft / hardware and subsystems, communication systems, submarine applications, geophysical cables used in oil / gas exploration, railroad industry, nuclear applications and much more.  As today's advanced electronic systems are managed by faster, more sophisticated computers, the requirement for specialized connector devices increases - as does the requirement to test these complex interconnect devices. The model 4097A, 4087B and 4077A test systems meet those specialized test requirements. 

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