ConnectorTest International 4097A, 4087B, 4077A

ConnectorTest International's test systems offer significant manufacturing and product marketing advantages, some of which are outlined on this page. High-quality OEM manufactured test modules fit into the rugged aluminum chassis using quarter-turn aircraft fasteners, allowing testing of several devices at a time, yielding more efficient testing and much greater product throughputs in the production environment.


No software code knowledge required!  Simple menu screens explain 'Pin Mapping' and 'Program Test Values' menu entries, including:

DC / AC IR & DWV Voltages, Fail Limits, Dwell Times, and Capacitance (Min / Max Limits); Zener diode; All selectable and individually programmable on pin-by-pin basis with up to 10 separate ranges for each device. The system is programmable by a 'Supervisor' or separate networked computer operator.


Plug in the test-module with connector / device; close cover; Select 'Run Test'.

Monitor displays individual results of each pin's test & displays status of failed pins.

System prints detailed 'Pin Test Reports' and 'Summary Sheets' with your company logo on the report's header. Examine and print archived test data in computer's software database at any time; documentation satifies ISO9001 requirements. Easy tracking of computer's internal test data by: serial number, date, operator, part number, etc.


With two built-in self-diagnotic programs, diagnosing problems is simple.  Simply print diagnostic reports and e-mail or fax for service recommendations; Completely modular, plug-in electronic circuitboards for ease of service. 

Easy Serviceability

Modular Construction


  • Rugged aluminum encased tester; Mid-Tower computer w/ 3.4 GHz Intel Core i-3-3240 processor; 4 GB RAM; 1 TB HDD; 19" LCD Monitor & HP Laser Printer. INcludes Microsoft's Windows 7 / 10 Professional OS and ConnectorTest International's system software.
  • Compact workstation. Installs in minutes; easily portable to other test sites. All tests performed by a single operator with elementary computer skills. Tester itself consumes less than 40 watts of power!
  • Password protected 'Supervisor' menus for programming part numbers.  'PIN' codes for up to 20 'Operators'.  Abbreviated 'Operator' menus allows only basic testing and printing functions to be performed. 
  • Modular Test Bed w / 320 points for Connector testing and 160 points available for Cable Continuity testing. Test multiple parts / different parts in SAME TEST CYCLE.  Cumbersome test cables / harnesses no longer needed for using this advanced test system.
  • No more shuffling connectors / cables from one test station to another to perform various QA tests.  ALL SELECTED TESTS are conducted concurrently on CTI's advanced test systems in a fraction of time compared to slower, outdated, commercially available ATE systems.
  • Low-cost Test Modules / Fixtures for Connector / Cable assembly devices, Sub-Assembly devices & Capacitor Array, or ConnectorTest may adapt to your existing fixtures / test modules. 
  • Unique, efficient fixture designs - A single CTI test fixture handles the entire 'D'-sub and Micro 'D' connector lines.  This equals efficiency, versatility, cost effectiveness. 
  • High-speed testing of each pin for ALL programmed tests in one test cycle!
  • Pin selectable Test Voltages, Dwell Times and Capacitance ranges, Zener Voltages (Uni-polar, Bi-Polar); up to 10 separate individual groups of ranges - individually selectable.
  • Checkbox for selecting 'Minimum IR Dwell Time' for fastest possible dwell speed; ATE system also groups pins statistically for Capacitance Spread testing in either: Percent or in Absolute value.
  • Test reports in ATE's database can be sorted by: Date, Operator, Time, Part Number, Record ID number, Job / Lot #, Pass / Fail status, IR, DWV, Capacitance values, etc. 
  • Creates / stores custom reports for each test with your company logo as header; stores valuable statistical information that can be sorted / analyzed in a number of ways.
  • Serviceable plug-in electronic circuitboards; using overnight air courier.
  • One-year factory warranty on 4077B, 4087B and 4097A testers.



The older twist-cap design shown above has been replaced by an improved cam operated assembly whereby the array is moved against spring pins which scrub the interior of hole in the capacitor array.  This yields a positive 'scrub' connection and allows testing of the higher density planar arrays with little or no doughnut area available around the pin area. Twisting the knob slides capacitor against pins.  See picture below of 128 Pin circular array module using new cam design. The 'twist cap' has been replaced by an improved design whereby a cam actuated slider moves the capacitor array against the contacts for easier installation and cycling. See first photos of 128 pin array below.  

Register and seat the parts.

Plugs into a replaceable mating receptacle for easy maintenance.

Attach to same Test Module allowing versatility.


Planar Test Module

128 Pin Capacitor Array Module - Pins scrub hole interior for positive connection

Modules seat and fasten into Test Bed using 1/4 turn DZUS fasters. Modules range in size from 40 pins shown in picture below to 160 pins and up to 320 pins in custom applications. Test bed accepts up to 8 forty-pin connector modules in same test cycle.  Custom, universal module-adapter can be fabricated to utilize your company's existing fixtures / modules to this system.

Hermetic Test Module

Medical Hermetic Connector Module

Circular Hermetic Connector

Hermetic Test Module - Circular Connector Installed Onto Fixture

Universal D Sub Module

Universal 'D' Subminiature Module Accepts 9, 15, 25, 37 & 50 Pin Connectors; Micro 'D' Module Available

Capacitor Fixture

160 Pin module with 4 separate capacitor fixtures; allowing versatility, quick loading, unloading

Custom Machined Fixtures

Custom Machined for Specialized Applications 

Several Medical Filtered Connectors Fit Onto a Single Module

Module Loaded Into Chassis

Filtered Subassembly Module Installed In Tester

Verifies system's electrical performance to a verified calibration standard.

Disables tester with open cover to protect operator.

  1. Zener Diode: Reverse Breakdown Voltage (Uni-Polar, Symmetrical bi-polar and Non-Symmetrical bi-polar types) /  MOV testing (750 VDC Limit) / TVS
  2. Dissipation Factor (DF) / Inductance 
  3. Contact Resistance (0.004 Ohms Minimum; 4,000 Ohms maximum).
  4. Capacitance test conducted at working voltage; See "Memo to End Users" for more information on Capacitance Bias.
  5. Insertion loss plot vs DC bias voltage (optional).
  6. Ground ring isolation feature electrically separates pin(s) and shell for additional failure diagnostics.


  • UPS (500VA Uninterruptible Power Supply).
  • 17" Touchscreen Monitor (SAW type).
  • Barcode Reader for entering / reading extended part / job numbers into Parts Menu. 
  • Temperature / Humidity / Barometric Pressure instrument; data is transferred to printouts and recorded into reports in computer's database.

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