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At one time it had been said that the ConnectorTest International Model 4087B test system was one of the industry's best kept secrets. That is not true any longer, as more connector and cable harness manufacturers and end-users have discovered the multitude of production advantages this equipment provides.  Although this might be your first encounter with ConnectorTest International or the Model 4077A, 4087B or 4097A, be assured that the technology base of these systems are founded upon many years of experience in advanced commercial and aerospace electronics.  After almost 26 years of system evolution and improvements in response to user requirements and inputs, these advanced test systems are rapidly becoming the industry test standard for manufacturing and QC testing.

History:  The first system was developed in 1988 as the Model 4087A, dedicated to testing only D-Subminiature filter connectors. The electronics were designed and developed in order to reduce hardware bulk to desk-top size and greatly increase test speeds and avoid reliance on outside suppliers for repairs. etc.

As the first system began to prove itself in production test environments, the need was recognized for a more versatile system capable of testing all types of connectors including Circulars, 'D' Subminiatures, Nano 'D', Micro 'D', Hermetics, ARINC / rack/panel connectors, hi-reliability medical connectors and automotive connectors, both filtered and non-filtered. This led to the development of special modular plug-in test modules with interchangeable test adapters for not only a final product, but also for testing incoming planar capacitor arrays and in-process filter sub-assemblies. Simple operator programming capabilities allow pin-by-pin selectable AC/ DC Test Voltages, Dwell Times and fail limits as well as optional features such as Zener Diode / MOV / TVS tests, Dissipation Factor (DF), Inductance, Continuity and Contact Resistance.  The test systems are managed by Intel 3.4 GHz Core i3-3240 computers with Windows 7 Pro OS and ConnectorTest's proprietary operating software.  The Models 4087B and 4087A fulfill most of test requirements of the connector and cable industries.

What's new with ConnectorTest International?  

In July 2009, ConnectorTest Int'l. began a testing service for manufacturers of connectors, arrays and cable harnesses. If your manufacturing department is dealing with customer backlogs and production bottlenecks and you are behind schedule, consider ConnectorTest International's test services as an alternative to lighten your workload and ensure customer delivery schedules run on time. Services include: comprehensive electronic testing, detailed serialized documentation with each device tested, electronic database records and quick turnaround.  

Testing includes, but is not limited to: filtered and hermetics, 'D' Sub, Micro D's, ARINC's, medical connectors, planar array capacitors, zener arrays, MOV arrays, testing of rubber inserts and cable assemblies.

Test systems are also available for lease on a monthly basis.

In June 2006, ConnectorTest added new system software features. It is now possible to test matched pairs of filtered pins for a specific Capacitance Spread calculated in percent or absolute value.  The 'Matched Pin Capacitance Spread' feature tests the connector device for specific pairs of matched pins; stores and prints the details of those tests.  Results are grouped in a summary form and in a detailed form for further analysis. System software retrieves and prints these documents on demand as well as other information as a paper trailer with your company's product. 

In 2004, ConnectorTest added two new test systems to the product family; the Model 4077A Hermetic Connector / Cluster Testing system and the Model 4097A cable harness and connector testing system.  Both of these systems are based on the same reliable hardware / software platform that has proven itself in the industry to date.

The Model 4097A  was developed to serve the requirements of both the Connector and Cable industries. The new Model 4097A system utilizes all of the features and options of the standard Model 4087B with the addition of Continuity and Contact Resistance testing. The 4097A system will test up to 160 wires in a filtered / non-filtered cable assembly and up to 360 pins / ways in a connector device. All features and options are available for this model. This system has many applications for the cable industry.  Geophysical, Oil / Gas, Sub-sea exploration and drilling platforms, among other heavy industrial applications, must test multi-strand cables over very long distances. The long length of these cables and the proximity of the strands / wires to one another substantially increase the Capacitance in the lines causing long delays when using outdated / obsolete test equipment methods. When employing the advanced test systems from ConnectorTest International, a strand of a 2000 foot long geophysical / submarine cable is tested in 0.2 seconds (200 milliseconds) which represents a substantial 25x time-savings over typical test times.  Using an outdated  / obsolete test system, similar testing may typically require 5 or more seconds per strand / wire on a long distance cable.


Model 4097A Connector / Cable Harness Tester

4097A Close

Closeup 4097A Connector / Cable Harness Tester - Filtered Micro 'D' Cable

The Model 4077A was developed as a low-cost high-speed test system for conducting IR and AC/DC DWV 'Cluster Testing' on Hermetic connectors and non-filtered connectors such as high-volume computer 'D' subminiature connectors.  This new system provides eight (8) points for testing the cluster or pin to all other clusters / pins.  Useful for testing parts that do not require a pin-to-pin-to-shell test.  The 4077A system will also test transformers and relays for IR and DWV which is a big timesaver in those industries.


Model 4077A High Speed 'Cluster' Tester (IR, DC/AC DWV)

Relays Transformers

The Model 4077A Tests Relays, Transformers and Hermetic / Non-filtered Connectors 

All three advanced systems are simple and easy to use requiring no software code knowledge.  Programming parts for test is very simple; all devices / part numbers are stored in a database on the computer for future lookup. Easy-to-understand menus will have you testing and shipping parts faster than any test equipment available today. Anyone with a basic computer knowledge can operate the CTI systems, generate / program part numbers, test parts and print detailed results.  ConnectorTest International test systems are proudly engineered and manufactured in the United States of America.


As a manufacturer or end user of advanced electronic products and systems, you have ultimate responsibility for assuring signal integrity and protecting high energy circuits in your products. High-speed microprocessors, integrated circuit logic, memory and signal transmission products are more susceptible to EMI and RFI; and the consequences of loss of function and damage to sensitive equipment from defective connectors, improperly designed filters are much more severe, and in certain situations, mission or life-threatening.

Manual testing of connectors used in critical electronic components poses unnecessary risks because the connector's pins are not thoroughly tested one-pin-against-all-others-to-ground for leakage and shorts. The tedious labor-intensive method, prone to human error and omission and lacking in test verification / documentation, is still used by many connector manufacturers even now in 2010.

In the case of filter connectors, selecting the proper filter needed to attenuate disruptive frequencies is also critical to design of advanced electronic products and systems. Typical production test equipments are limited to testing capacitance at zero volts DC bias. The ConnectorTest systems have the ability to test capacitance at bias voltages from 0 - 750 VDC. Translating that result into filter performance, or insertion loss, for filters that are intended to be subjected to high voltage DC bias can be misleading, as capacitance of certain filter materials can change as much as 50% under DC bias voltage; this is a critical consideration for both the product designer and end user of filtered products.

Working with world class connector manufacturers, we at ConnectorTest International are eager to share our knowledge and experience with you.  Please let us know how we can help assure you that connectors used in your products are tested to the highest quality standards.

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